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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 1 – The Big Picture

Welcome to episode 1, time to get into the swing of things and start talking some gaming! In this show the hosts sit down and talk about World building, how they go about the process of getting ready, some tools they use and advice on approaching the topic. The hosts also decide on a few names they will use for building their worlds during this show. BUT it doesn’t stop there as everyone sits down next to a warm fire, and chats about bringing in the bloodied rule from 4e into 5e, worthless or helpful? you decide. Finally the show wraps up with their (basic) impressions of D&D Beyond and what they expect from it.
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10 comments on “Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 1 – The Big Picture”

  1. RedRarebit Reply

    Apparently video game music is designed to make you focus. Whenever I need to write, I throw on some ambient video game music (Animal Crossing is a fave!)

    ( Secret: I’ve got a crush on one of the hosts. )

  2. RedRarebit Reply

    Oh okay and then she mentioned video game music fine I NEED TO LISTEN ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE I COMMENT.

  3. Bebarce El-Tayib Reply

    This was a well-performed podcast. Everyone had great contributions without talking over each other. I like that the sections are kept timely and broken out with good production value. Also, I could find myself easily disagreeing with points, without you guys drilling home those points to such an extent that I’m put off by them. I believe that is in large part due to the fact that you guys balance off each other well.

    Glad the warble is gone, the voices come through crisp and clean. If I’m pushing myself to critique which is hard to do here, I’d only recommend running through the podcasts to clear out a random cough or so, but that’s really a stretch Honestly not really much to improve on. Good work.

    • Vince Reply

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and give honest feedback on the show! I am glad you enjoyed it and I hope you continue to listen and provide feedback along the way!

  4. Ralph Pulner Reply

    Vince is the front-runner of amazing rpg podcasts and I’m glad there’s another one.

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