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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 2 – What is our world like?

Welcome to show number two! The crew will sit down this week after deciding on our world names, giving you a little about the background in the world, how it was kind of created, and where it maybe heading this week. During the fireside chat, Vince leads us in a talk about Alignments and how risky (or not so risky) allowing Chaotic Neutral alignment is in your games, will you allow all the time or you like to withdraw this alignment and only allow experiences players use it?  You tell us! Finally in our last (new) segment called “Tools of the trade” Melanie brings to you a tool she uses for making monster cards during her game, located at http://hardcodex.ru/monsters/ where you can find a blank card to fill in your monsters for your game!  Don’t forget to write us an email or leave us some feedback, we can be found on all major platforms, iTunes, Googleplay Music, Android apps and even Stitcher!
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4 comments on “Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 2 – What is our world like?”

      • Brian Colin Reply

        Hey Vince, right now I am only developing the main continent of Revilo. I see it as being able to be accessed by any other world-setting.

        There is a constant current that flows around the land mass wrecking ships, only allowing vessels to enter through one waterway. Kind of Ravenloft meets Bermuda Triangle for entry. Once on Revilo there is only one humanoid settlement, the first city with a dock.

        Building the world is a way to develop stories and a mythology around the creatures I sculpt. I have a handful of intelligent species created, but none have had the mechanics worked out for 5E. Mainly working on societal structure, races, and pantheon of gods through this year.

        I’m looking forward to more episodes!

        • Vince Reply

          Sorry for the late reply, got busy at work and totally forgot (whoops!)

          Revilo. Accessed by any other setting. Almost sounds like how Sal started with his world.

          Fleshing out a world (if you have the time) can be loads of fun, and since starting this show and segment, I’ve been getting a ton of side ideas for stories and adventures. Its really fun.

          Its easier to do the way you are doing…. imagine the world, the flavor, the social aspects and then worry about mechanics as you dive deeper into things.

          More stuff coming, we have a few things planned for more content coming up!

          – TheEvilDM

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