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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 3 – Those that shape our worlds

On this very early morning edition of PMP, the crew sits down at talks about the deities that shape their worlds and what they mean to the peoples of their respective worlds. The fireside chat continues the conversation about “divine intervention”, talking about the actual mechanic for 5e, along with allowing other characters to seek out intervention or help, is it a good thing or a bad thing, leading into crutch for players to use this method when their characters get stuck? Melanie then dives into tool she will use for her campaign to help improve the way combat works, by explaining improved initiative tool she found on the web, will it quicken the pace of combat up or slow it down? YOU decide. Finally we introduce our email segment for this show, where we pick an email out of a product send into us by Zachary called, “Grom’s guide to potion brewing” and give our thoughts about this.
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