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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 4 – The Lands of the Worlds – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 4 – The Lands of the Worlds

This week the show starts off with Sal as the main host and going insanely silly for our intro, What did you get yourself into this week folks? As Vince steers the show back on track, the group talks about flavoring your world, with NPCs, and government structured societies. The fireside chat gets heated up, as the flames get real hot during the debate of DM Screen vs Open DM’ing. Finally the show ends with the group talking about the an awesome character sheet that you can download from DM’s Guild (see the link in our notes for details!)

We appreciate all the feedback, the tweets, and emails we get coming in. Keep them coming guys!

Special shout out to “Biliopathologist” – who gave us our first review on iTunes! Thank you!


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3 comments on “Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 4 – The Lands of the Worlds”

  1. fiend Reply

    So I just listened this episode. I was great, except for that ridiculous unhinged rant about custom DM screens at the end. Look, I get it, some of those custom wood screens are expensive, but you need to take into account that the cost is not just the materials involved in making them. There is a huge labour/time sink, especially since these things are small production run, so they are literally made by hand one at a time.

    These kinds of rants are the same as people that go on about how expensive the iPhone is even though there’s only like $50 worth of components inside. Nobody ever takes into account the massive engineering effort, the tools required to manufacture them, all the testing and prototypes required, etc…

    Anyways, you guys just need a bit of perspective about these things and stop getting personally offended by things that do not affect you at all in any way, then ranting and raving about them on air. You come off sounding very unprofessional and elitist. I get it, you don’t like expensive custom DM screens, but you don’t have to insult, berate and put down people who make them and use them. You’re basically accusing people of having the wrong kind of fun, which Melanie actually made a point about in this very ep. Pot to kettle “You are black”.

    Good luck going forward, I hope you can take a bit of constructive criticism. Cheers! 🙂

    • Vince Reply

      Hey thanks for taking the time to feedback. I agree it went a bit overboard but Sal (and the rest of us) are allowed to speak freely and while it comes off like you said, I’m not going to censor anyone on the show. BUT in the future I will make a better effort to shut things down such as that.

    • Mel Reply

      I’d personally actually love one of the custom made DM screens. The amount of effort and attention put into something custom made like that makes if far more valuable to me that the price tag, and I’d be more than willing to put my minimalist tendencies aside for it, because it would be absolutely beautiful and I’d get serious value from it in my life. Plus, being the economist in the group, I can take things like opportunities costs, economies of scale, and other things like that into account, which is why I understand why they are higher priced.

      However, being a student and being in the low class means there is essentially zero way I can afford it unless I’m willing to put aside most of my other financial goals. So while I would love one, just like I’d absolutely love some Wyrmwood things, some Artisan dice, or some Elderwood Academy gear, there is not an easy way I can afford it. I still enjoy the drooling over it, though. But I personally absolutely love the custom ones. They’re gorgeous. And I’d love some things from Etsy. I just sadly don’t have the disposable income. One day, maybe.

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