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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 6 – Things that go bump in your guts!

Welcome to episode number 6! The team is back with another full show full of ideas to spark the fire that lights the imagination in your brain when creating YOUR stuff. Listen in this week as Sal talks about a creature he was thinking about designing up in his world, in the worlds we live in segment. Next up, Vince leads the discussion in the fire side chat about Paladin powers, and where do they come from?? Melanie then talks about the rules of FIGHT CLUB, Kobold style, with Kobold fight club in tools of the trade! The show ends with a bunch thanks and email Q&A from those that wrote in!
Sal’s cute spider:









Link from Mel’s segment:

Kobold Fight Club – https://kobold.club/fight/

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  • Raygan

Email picked out of the bag this week:

From Beerosangryo (it is pronounced beero-sand-gyro(<as in the sandwich).

“…when designing a “dimensional door”, or more specifically, an alternate universe, are there things that are always slightly different, for example, gender-swapping, role-reversal, or temporally, or is it always only campaign-centric changes as to not overwhelm the players and the gm’s descriptions?”

From Dexrant:
“… You guys are great together, did you ever think about getting an actual play podcast going with you guys? I think it would be great to hear you guys roleplaying together!”

Via Twitter (@pocketmimic) Zach asks:





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