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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #4 – Design up a legacy items!

Join Vince and Melanie this week as they tackle another thing on their list of things to do in their campaigns! This week they sit down and talk about Legacy items, something that was around in the D&D 3e era, but never move onto 4e and not in 5e (as of this recording). Legacy Items, are weapons or really any item that grows with the character in power. Its a fun little thing, but the rules for 3e made them “annoying” to want to use, so we’ve come up with 5e rules! Vince goes over what he is designing and the rules he’s come up with for his campaigns. If you are interested in those rules for your campaign after hearing this show, please feel free to look in the show notes and use them. Tweet us or email us what you’ve come up with when making legacy items!

Legacy Items Rules

  1. The item should have a purpose or a story that ties into your campaign. The weapon can come from a great elder of the village and it was passed down from generation to generation to the up and coming worthy warrior of the village’s time. The item can be from a God or Goddess, bestowed upon a faithful follower, to help spread the word amongst the lands.
  2. The item is party sentient in nature, it does not speak, or interact, but it does let the wearer of the item know its “alive”. As a DM this is a mechanic you can use to help guide the PC into unlocking the other legacy stages. It could be a quest, it could be finding another item, it could be rescuing someone.
  3. The Sentient item does have an alignment, and should the character do something the item does like or agree with, it will let the character know, by providing emotions to the character and letting him know they have done wrong by the item and if continued will take away said powers until some good can be done (or more evil).
  4. There is different Legacy Tiers in place, and as a DM you must determine each one. You can follow the 5e Tier system or just decide it randomly when certain things are unlocked.
  5. Each Legacy should be progressively harder to unlock as the character levels up, each challenge should be surprising and amazing when it happens. An example of a stage unlocked, is the PC overcomes a major event or challenge in their path while leveling up.
  6. The items are automatically Legendary in nature, and no two should be alike.
  7. These items need to be attuned to, for the item to fully work with the character, in which the item will grant a little taste of what it can do to help “entice” the character to want more.


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