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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 8 – Populating Worlds!

Welcome back to another show from the Pocket Mimic crew, Join Vince, Sal and Kat as they open the show up talking about city building, what goes into your town, what’s needed, and what’s not needed? Things that are mostly important to remember when designing up your campaign, or even your one site, so good insight here for new DM’s here when planning or not planning from the experienced DMs and from the side of a newer DM! Next in the Fire Side Chat, Vince leads us in the topic of “Are Powergamers, Munchkins and min-maxers ruining the Hobby?” What do you think? Does the MMO mentality work in D&D? Then we end the show this week by reaching into our mail bag, and pulling out an email from Steven:

I think that'd be a good topic to maybe bring up if yall haven't already. How to handle player deaths that DM's focused a good chunk of story for. I mean I get that it happens in real life... but in D&D there's a narrative to the game. And if your watching the Avengers and Thor dies then that's a big thing and a lot of the story aka all of Asgard is now completely moot

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