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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #6 – The Demonic Cult in a Wig Shop

 In episode number 8, Sal and Vince discussed an idea of a wig shop that was a front for a demon worshipping cult. While we really didn’t think much of it, you the listeners wrote in and tweeted us on how you loved the idea and wanted to know more about. Tweeting us and emailing us, DEMANDING we flesh this wig shop out. So per your request, we present to you, Glenn’s Wig shop. A shop that is a front for a demonic cult of the demon lord Shat’nar, Demon of Vanity. Listen in as we brainstorm this idea, talk about the owner, how he can interact with the towns people, how to get your PCs involved in the investigation of this super nice guy named, Glenn.
Haven’t listened to episode 8 yet? Please check it now, here’s the link!
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