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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 9 – It’s new to you..

A new show is brought to you this week, just like every week! This week, Vince, Sal and Kat sit down talking about different takes on races that you can incorporate in your worlds, with Sal’s WyldBourne Elves, and Vince’s Dwarrow race. Listen in as they talk about what they are and how they can be used in your campaign, or hopefully spark an idea to use in your game. Either way, its win-win for you, the listener! Next up in the fireside chat, the hosts talk about a topic conversation, emailed in by one of our listeners, Tabitha. She asks about “Should encounters be fair or should players learn to run!” In this segment we explore (and explain) the Gygaxian monster placement method vs the by the book fairness. For our third segment, we decided to mix things up a bit and introduce something new, called “The Summoning Circle”, where the hosts will design something up on a fly, and build on it as the weeks go on. This week, we started with a dungeon entrance, explaining the set up, the possible ways to get into it and what happens if you fail! Finally the show is wrapped up with voicemails and emails from the fans, we thank everyone who has called in and written in to support us!

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