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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 10 – The Creep Factor..

Welcome to Episode #10! We’ve made it to double digits for shows finally! Listen in as Vince, Sal and Kat explore the topic of “The Creep Factor” in your game. This week show starts off with the trio speaking about D&D Beyond and the pricing that’s involved with it. In the main segment of the Worlds we live in, Sal leads us in a talk about a creepy big bad he designed up for one of his games called “Lucider Crane”, who steals the faces of his victims making flesh golems out of them! In the fireside chat, Vince talks about Gross vs Shock and “Know your group” before attempting such things. In the Summon Circle, Kat continues the journey in the Tiamat Temple, as we discuss the first room for you, and create a funny NPC along the way, named “Nodwick Bob”. The show wraps up with some emails, questions and Sal addresses an issue of other podcasters crapping on other’s fun. All this in a block buster 2 hour episode of the Pocket Mimic Podcast!


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