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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #8 – Design a Familiar 

Join Vince and Sal this week as they tackle the option of creating a different kind of familiar/pet for your game, as Vince talks about a War Chicken he created for an old 1e and 4e game and translated it for 5e, while Sal talks about his “ALEmental“! Check out the Write up for the War Chicken on Vince’s blog, “The Evil DM”.

Link to War Chicken on Vince’s Blog – http://www.theevildm.com/2017/08/designing-pet-for-5e-as-talked-about-on.html

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1 comment on “Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #8 – Design a Familiar ”

  1. Zac Reply

    The ALEmental should be able to serve drinks. Being that it is summoned from a mug of refilling, it should be able to walk around and refill anyone’s drinks. A vanity pet with tricks. Great pet for a bard trying to win over a room and get more tips.

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