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Pocket Mimic Podcast Episode 11 – #NoRobots

Welcome to a new episode of the Pocket Mimic Podcast! This week a new voice joins the show, Zac.. Listen in as we make him feel right at home on the show (and poking fun of him with #ZacAttack (look it up kids, Save by the Bell reference). Then we speak a little about Kat’s contest, and the Nightshade Prism Dice Tower Kickstarter! Check out the links below to support their project. For the World’s We Live in, Sal talks about his Arachnid race, and we all add our two cents into the idea and how you can use it in the show. In the Fire Side Chat, Vince talks about mixing fantasy and Sci-fi, does it work? You be the judge! In the Summon Circle, the group continues the on the fly ideas of the Temple of Tiamat, and what happens with the three doors and what’s behind them? Then we answer a question from John Gamble on twitter about a familiar for his GOO Warlock. The show ends on Sal’s find of the week as he talks about a 5e setting gem named, “Realms of Understreet“. Tell us your thoughts, email us, tweet us or leave a voicemail!

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