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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #12 – Magical Locations – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #12 – Magical Locations

Welcome to another episode of After Dark, with your hosts, Zac, Vince, Sal and Kat! This week we talk about designing a magical location. We go into detail about a location that has been designed for this very show!

Your party has been wandering in the wilderness for weeks trying to find the Old Wizards Tower that most say doesn’t exist. They are tired, worn out, low on rations, and have fought many creatures to stay alive. They stumble into a peaceful clearing with a small river running through it. The river forms a small pond deep enough to drink out of and even wash ones face. As the adventurers approach this pond they sense a magical energy coming from the grove. A good perception check reveals that the pond here is very magical. An aura of magical energy seems to be pouring in and out of it. One of the party member’s says they want to drink out of it. The paladin first asks if they can sense good or evil to which he feels neither. It is perfectly neutral.

The greedy thief dips her hands in the water and draws as much water in as she can. She rolls percentile dice and rolls high. She then rolls 1d6 and with a 3 she now has a +1 to her Dexterity. She feels an overwhelming amount of magic surge through her extending into her fingers and toes. She feels more nimble and quick.

The barbarian notices the change in her and dips his face in to drink of the water. He rolls percentile dice and rolls low. The 1d6 roll for him is a 5 and he now feels magic surge through him, but instead of staying in his body it takes from him. He feels a bit of wisdom sapped from his mind. -1 to Wis.

The Cleric hesitantly steps forward to drink from the pond using her tin cup. She sips a little from the cup and feels the magic pour down her throat. As it takes hold she also rolls low on her percentile dice and the 1d6 ends up being a 1. Her strength drops by 1 and she feels weaker than she did before. Wondering if she can get that back she rolls starts drinking as much as she can hoping the magic has a reversal effect. Since she has already lost something from the pond the magic will automatically give her something back. No need for percentiles this time, she rolls 1d6 and it comes up a 6. She feels her presence increase and gains a +1 to Charisma.

The Greedy thief hoping to gain more from the pond after the Barbarian and Cleric have gone takes another drink from the pond. The pond having already given her something wonderful, now takes from her. No Percentiles, only rolling 1d6 the Thief rolls a 3 and loses 1 Constitution. A bit of her life force is taken from her. Her bones aren’t as strong as they were a moment before. She continues drinking an nothing more happens to her.

The Wizard noting all of these findings in his book and not a fan of gambling, is quite happy to smoke his pipe and watch

Wizard notes:

The magical pond will grant the user a +/- Stat bonus upon drinking from it. The Player who drinks from pond the first time will roll a 1d100%. They will gain a stat bonus of +1 if they roll 1-50 and a -1 for a 51-100. Then roll 1d6 to see what stat the bonus is applied to.


Upon second drink of the pond the opposite effect of the first will be applied. Roll 1d6 to determine what stat that bonus will be applied to.

1 – Strength
2 – Dexterity
3 – Constitution
4 – Intelligence
5 – Wisdom
6 – Charisma

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