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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #13 – The Feast… – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #13 – The Feast…

The Feast Encounter –

Starving adventurers come to a cozy camp or room full of their favorite foods, drinks and desserts. It is irresistible. DC 20 Wisdom Save against the Confusion spell cast by a pixie. The adventurers sit down and immediately start eating. They start gorging themselves on food being overwhelmed by how delicious it is. The players each roll percentile dice and one of the following effects happen to them:


1 – 20 Gorge: The player eats so much food that they start vomiting taking 1d6 points of physical non lethal damage. The player then continues eating and vomiting every round until it hits 0 hit points and passes out. No death saving throw needed, they are just unconscious for 8 hours and then wake up refreshed with full hit points.
21 – 40 Gets drunk: This player skips the food entirely and only drinks the fine drinks at the table until they pass out after 10 rounds. When this player wakes up they have an extreme headache and disadvantage on attack rolls for one day or until they eat a warm breakfast (ex. Eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee/hot chocolate). Besides the headache they gain the normal benefits of a long rest.
41 – 60 Voyeurism: The player won’t stop talking about themselves and their own heroics.   They eat with their mouth full which is very rude and causes others at the table to throw food at them with advantage. Food is thrown with the finesse quality and can be thrown with strength or dexterity (choose the higher). The food does 1d4 burning damage from being fresh out of the oven. Everyone at the table is forced to throw food at them every round until they fall unconscious from being burnt by the hot food. This player then stays unconscious for 8 hours and wakes up without the ability to speak for a day. They gain the rest of the benefits of a long rest.
61 – 80 Laughing Fit:   The player can’t stop laughing while they eat for an hour. They are healed of all their wounds, diseases, curses, or ailments. Will even remove curses from items.
81 – 100 Falls Asleep: This player eats their favorite food until they are full and then fall face first into their food snoring. They have a fitful night’s sleep dreaming of being suffocated by giant food. They wake up after 8 hours having received no benefits from a long rest.
Makes the save Nothing happens: The player isn’t compelled to eat, but they do find their favorite foods on the table and can eat them at their own will. If they eat them, then the same compulsion comes over them and they have to roll percentile dice for one effect from the chart.


  • Appearing at the Podcast zone at Dragonmeet (tabletop gaming convention). Saturday the 2nd of December. Kat to represent the crew. Will be sitting on a stool, may be in an interview. She’s playing in the evening on a podcast for How We Roll podcast. Playing call of Cthulhu.
  • DM Vince’s Actual Play Podcast is live on iTunes and Google Play Podcasts, “The World of Arkonis” – First three episodes are live now.


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