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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #14 – Magical Bows

Bow of many Arrows


This is a +2 magical bow that has the ability to magically modify your arrows when shot. It can shoot one of each shot per long rest.   Each shot takes an attack action.


Dual Shot: You nock two arrows on your bow and let fly. The arrows use the same attack roll. You can direct both arrows at a single target, or have each arrow to a separate target. Each arrow does 1d6 dmg. Apply Dex mod to damage of each new target.
Hail of Arrows: You let loose an arrow that magically splits into a barrage of arrows and hits a 15ft x 15ft area. Every creature in the area takes 3d8 damage and makes a Dex save DC 8 + Proficiency + Dex Mod for half damage.

(this is a midlevel bow)




Grappling Crossbow


This is a crossbow forged for the sole purpose of getting you up and over a wall. This curiously crafted crossbow is built with an attached grappling hook and 100ft magic silk rope tied to a reel. When fired, the grappling hook has advantage on finding a solid place to lock in wherever it lands. Depressing the trigger again will automatically reel you into where the grappling hook is locked in. If you speak the magical release word the hook disengages from its hooked in location and returns to the crossbow reeling in with the rope. This is strong enough to lift 500lbs. A creature can force the grappling hook to release with a DC 15 Str check.




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