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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #15 – Cursed Weapons – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #15 – Cursed Weapons

Just in time for Holiday, a Cursed weapon! Join in as the crew talks about this unique item. Want to know more about it? See the write up below!


Gold Lust dagger and the Hoarding Purse: This +1 Magical dagger is a cursed item. It was forged from the heart of a vampiric dragon named Veloroth and is made of pure gold. The stomach of that dragon was then used to craft a magically connected purse of holding. The weapon attunes to the wielder on first blood drawn and is cursed with protective instincts to keep the weapon like a dragon protects its treasure hoard. The curse can only be removed by a remove curse spell or upon death. If the wielder uses a remove curse spell the weapon and purse keep their magic and curse, but the user is no longer compelled to keep it unless they draw blood again. Whenever the weapon draws blood, it deposits one gold coin in the hoarding purse. If the purse of hoarding is ever empty, it starts drawing blood from its wielder to keep the purse full of coins. The weapon deals 5 wounds of 1hp each to deposit 5 coins in the bag. Coins can also be placed in and out of the bag normally. Every midnight, the purse consumes 5gp from the bag and sends it to some unknown location to add to its undead hoard. If the purse is ever more that 100ft away from the dagger it teleports to it.



  • DM idea, give the dagger to your players for a bit, and then steal the purse and dump out the coins. The player will start taking damage. Example would be, a thief steals the purse and runs around the corner and dumps out the purse to see what’s in it and the player takes damage.       If the thief goes too far the purse teleports back to the player.
  • The curse cannot be removed without destroying the dragon. The dragon still roams the Shadowfel.       Could be a fun adventure for the players to go find the dragon and it’s hoard.
  • Maybe the dragon created several of these items, not just daggers and has placed them in the world to fill up its hoard.
  • If the wielder dies while cursed with these items, have them teleport to the vampire dragon as undead slaves now under the dragons command to hunt down adventurers to bring them their treasure.
  • When the players have used the dagger to gain 100gp, the dagger grows more hungry. It changes to a +2 weapon that consumes 20gp a day. If no gold is in the bag it deals 20 wounds doing 1gp each so the bag has 20 coins in it.
  • On crit, 2 gold are deposited into the purse.


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