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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #16 – MasterWork Weapons

Masterwork weapons and armor can be bought at double the price from a master smith. Masterwork weapons have sharper edges that don’t dull as quickly and are made from finer materials. Weapons do one die greater damage on hit see table below. They offer no plus to attack. Armor grants 5 temp hp per short rest, and 10 temp hp per long rest. Masterwork armor fits better and is made from better hand-crafted materials like a nice fitted suit or hiking backpack. Because it fits better, it gives you a bit of resistance to your first hit with temp hp. After you rest the items still fit well and so your body can wear it with less fatigue. (ex. A good hiking backpack)


Masterwork items have no resistance. A Gray Ooze Corrode Metal ability will corrode and destroy a masterwork item.

Weapon Damage table

  • 1d4 -> 1d6
  • 1d6 -> 1d8
  • 1d8 -> 1d10
  • 1d10 -> 1d12
  • 1d12 -> 1d12+1d4
  • 2d6 -> 2d8

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