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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #19 – Gem Coated

Gem Coated Weapon – Just like you can cover your weapons in silver to be able to fight ware-creatures, master-smiths can coat your weapons in gem dust to add damage effects to your weapon. You must provide the smith with gems = 200gp of one type, and also 200gp for the work. Your weapon will then be coated in that gem and gain a +1 to damage of the corresponding damage type. It does not change the To Hit for that weapon. For instance, if you coat a longsword in Ruby, you now do +1 Fire damage along with the normal 1d8 slashing.
• You can only coat one weapon with one type of gem.
• You can coat magic weapons with one type of gem, this will not change the magic properties of the weapon.
200gem + 200gp

Gem Coated Armor – Armor that is gem coated will receive advantage on spell saves for that gems damage type.
It does not make the armor magical, or corrosion resistant, but adds advantage only. For instance, if you are hit by a fireball and have ruby coated chainmail on, you can roll with advantage for the dex save. If you are stabbed with the Flametongue sword you take the extra 2d6 fire damage since there is no save. It only allows you to roll advantage against that damage type. Another example: Jade coated armor will allow you to roll advantage against poison spell effects but a save against a poison dagger will not have advantage. Gem coating can be added to mundane, Masterwork or Magical armor.
400gem + 200gp

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