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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #20 – Resting Items – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #20 – Resting Items

Canteen of rejuvenation
Wonderous Item (very rare)
This wooden canteen was carved from the Father Tree as a gift to the Elves. The liquid inside is a magical spring that mixes the rejuvenating powers of the Father Tree sap with pure water granting anyone that drinks it the ability to recover more quickly. Drinking the liquid counts as a short rest, and grants the benefits of a short rest. There is enough liquid to drink from it 2 times a per long rest. The canteen fills up completely every day at dawn.

Pillow of Sleeping
Wonderous Item (rare)
This pillow was made from the feathers of a Pegasus. Sleeping on this pillow reduces long rests by 2 hrs. Does not work for Elves.

Sparing Stick
Wonderous Item (rare)
This was a branch of the Elder Tree that Urgok the Bold used when training his militia in the Triboarian uprising when they overthrew their Orc rulers. Used to teach technique and stances this Stick was imbued with Magic as his courage and hope was infused into the wood. When the Sparing stick is used before bed, it grants the warrior advantage on perception checks for the night by clearing the mind of the days trials and tasks. With a clear mind the warrior will sleep better and be more aware of their surroundings. Cannot be used if the warrior has any level of exhaustion. Any class can gain the benefits.

The Emerald Cooking Pot
Wonderous Item (rare)
Tired of eating rations and Lembas bread all the time? Wish you could just have a delicious home cooked meal while traveling out in the world? Well wish no more. This magical cooking pot will turn any food put into it into a gourmet meal. Have some leftover deer meat and a potato, poof you now have a wonderful hearty stew. Have left over jerky and a few wild mushrooms? Bam, your now eating Beef Stroganoff. Just throw the ingredients in the pot, cover with the lid, and in 5 min you’ll be eating food like your mamma used to make. Eating from the Magic Cooking pot will grant you an extra 1d4 of healing as your stomach is filled with home cooked food. Can feed up to 5 servings 3 times per long rest. Recharges at dawn. Requires some food to be put into it.
(The food is sent to a small kitchen where a group of gnomes are trapped and sentenced to cook any food that comes through the cooking pot portal. They then send it back in restaurant style to your pot.)

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