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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #21 – Gems of Riches – The Pocket Mimic
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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #21 – Gems of Riches


Silver Colored Gem (maybe can call it clear)

Red Colored Gem (ruby like)

Blue Colored Gem


The Silver Gem if placed inside a bag with any coins (gold, silver, copper..etc) will make more of it while the character sleeps. For it to work again, the character would need to take out the funds that were duplicated.


The Red Colored Gem if placed inside a bag with any coins will transport funds to where a blue Gem is located. This Gem also has the ability to be located anywhere in the kingdom using the Blue Gem.


The Blue Gem is used as a Marker to transport the funds towards and track the red gem. The closer the person holding it gets to the red one, the more it lights up.


Various conditions:

  • Should a character place a Silver and Red Gem in the same bag, nothing will happen at all (including the duplication of Silver colored gem)
  • Should the character place all three in the same container they will turn into gem dust
  • Should the character place two red and one silver, the red Gems will destroy the silver one.
  • Should the blue gem be placed in with a silver one, nothing will happen (including the silver gem abilities)
  • If the Red gem and blue gem are placed in the same container, nothing will happen.


Background for my campaign on these Gems:


Prince James EEe was tired of being robbed by thieves and never getting his gold back, so he employed the Services of a powerful wizard named Rupert Goldstone. He wanted the ability to slowly duplicate his wealth somehow, even if it was a slow process. He also wanted a way to get his gold back should a would-be thief break in and steal the gold.

Rupert came up with the Red, Silver and Blue gem system to help solve his very issue.

The Red Gem would be tempting enough that the thief would steal it with the riches of the Prince, and would transport the gold back to the special area the Prince kept the Blue Gem. Should the thief be smart enough and figure out this, he could always use the blue gem to slowly track down this person and kill them.

The Silver Gem was made so that James could slowly increase his wealth overtime, but it was limited to only what can fit inside a large money bag/sack. The Price was quite pleased with this system and has been using this to protect and increase his wealth over time.

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    Just wanted to inform you that the link for the After Dark compendium does not actually take you (or at least me when I clicked it) to the product, but to the main page for dmsguild.com.

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    I ended up having to search for the compendium manually so in case anyone else is having this issue I would recommend changing the link to http://www.dmsguild.com/product/228752/The-Pocket-Mimic-After-Dark-Compendium-no1

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