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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #23 – Harvesting Monsters

Items talked about on today’s show:

Foldable Stool

Item, uncommon(Cost: 25 gp, Weight: 1 lb)

For the short rogue who needs a step up to unlock the door or disarm the trap. Gives a +2 to Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves when making lockpicking/trap disarming checks


Jar of Preservation 

Item, uncommon(Cost: 50 gp, Weight: 5 lb)

This ordinary jar is made of thick glass with a sealable lid.  The jar contains a liquid that helps preserve organic material for long periods of time.  Placing vital organs in this jar will stop the decomposing process until they are taken out of the liquid.  The jar holds up to one gallon (3.8 L) of the preservation liquid.  When harvesting monsters, the jar can hold up to one humanoid brain, 10 eyeballs, or one humanoid heart.  AC 5, 15 hp.

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