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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #24 – Rings of Communication

These rings were designed by me to give to the players when they joined a guild of bandits that were robbing the lords and ladies of Asheville Times. The characters would each put on a ring and this ring would give them the ability to communicate to one another telepathically. They can only each and talk to one another as long as they had the rings on. To activate the rings, they would turn it clockwise on their finger and think (or talk in their heads) as if using an intercom system. The range of these rings would be 60′ and if you walked out of the range, it would crack as if it was walkie-talkies and the person would come in broken up. The only other limit on these rings would be it can only be used for 2 hours per day and then has to recharge in the moonlight overnight.

  • I believe I also decided with these rings that anyone with telepathic powers could “hear” the thoughts and it wasn’t on a “Secure” network.

I don’t quite remember what inspired me to make these things, but I am pretty sure it involved movies from the time where they were doing a lot of spying and communicating. Could have been Terminator or Rambo.. Who knows?


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