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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #25 – Flute of Dancing Chaos

Fausti’s flute of Dancing Chaos

Rare Item

This instrument appears to look like a normal everyday flute, and can be played as such if needed. If checked it will only faintly come up as magical, but normally brushed off as the check will be so faint, it’s not believable and can be misinterpreted as a magical item that’s lost its magic.

The fun starts when this flute is played during battle. Any foe in a 15′ radius of the performer must make a wisdom save DC 15 or otherwise drop whatever they are holding and doing to start wilding dancing around while stripping off their clothes.

So mechanically those that are wilding dancing can take no actions until they save. While dancing the targets will drop all items to the ground in their hands, and then proceed to rip off anything they are wearing (yes things can get damaged . They do get a bonus of +1 to their AC during the dancing period only because it’s so difficult to hit a target moving so wildly and randomly.

You may use this item 2 times for every long rest you take. A successful hit upon the performer will result in the magic song to be broken long enough for the listeners to be free of the “spell”. This is where a performance check will come into play, think of it like a concentration check.

This item was created for AD&D 1e game, for a character who finally achieved the bard class. Once he did, he sought after a unique item that would make him stand out. So I came up with this item after playing an Ultima game on the PC (remember that game?). The item did wind up getting lost after the character died a horrible death falling through an old wooden elevator platform broke, and the character plunged to over 1000 feet, to their death.

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