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About Us! – The Pocket Mimic
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About Us!

Welcome to the Pocket Mimic website! Here you will find tips, tricks and advice for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition… but really you can apply what we do here to any edition you want. We will mostly talk about homebrewing a world for your campaign (along with customizing the game with new classes, monsters spells and more!) taking you step by step on the journey with a podcast. You can listen in and even provide feedback to help form this world. The more you provide feedback and get involved the more the world becomes something you’ve helped form with us on this journey! As things progress we will open up a new section of the website that will display what we’ve done so far in our journey into this new world. You will get a different point of view from each host, Vince a DM who can ab-lib an adventure based on plot points and a small map he draws for he night, Melanie, a DM that is prepping for anything to happen, everything sorted out and ready to go, and Sal, a man who mixes both their methods into his own madness! So why not join us on this adventure, subscribe to our site, follow via email, or just come to the site and hit refresh every day to get more information as it unfolds!

Music on this podcast is done by:

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



Q1: What happened to Mel(anie) on the podcast?

A1: Melanie has decided to step away from the show to due to a demanding school schedule and life obligations, Episode 7 of the main show and After Dark 5 were her last shows. We wish her all of the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Q2: What happened to Zach on the podcast?

A2: Due to real life (and things happen) Zac has decided to leave the show after After Dark show #25. We wish him all of the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Q3: What happened to the After Dark Show?

A3: After doing the show for a while, and getting good feedback on it, but still confused on what exactly the was and why it was a different show, we decided to absorb it into the main show to tighten up the format of the show and put more focus on make the main show great again!