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Pocket Mimic Podcast After Dark #22 – Unusual Pets

      Join the crew this week as they talk about weird and wacky pets and what use they could be for your campaign!     Links of Importance: AfterDark Compendium – Watch Kat on EncounterRP –   World of Arkonis Actual Play Podcast Links Click here to find Arkonis on iTunes

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Kat’s Christmas special 1 – The Rolistes Podcast interview from Dragonmeet!

You think Christmas specials ended with episode #18? Think not as a special treat, we are releasing all the interviews Kat did at Dragonmeet this year for your listening pleasure! Special guest: Twitter: @rolistespod Follow us on Twitter The Show – @PocketMimic Vince – @TheEvilDM Sal – @Deadnosave Kat – @KatTulip Zac – @Zactru

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