Meet the Staff

Vince – Host, Executive Producer & Creator of PMC
Vincent is a former Radio Personality, and now lives in the state of Texas, his voice may sound familiar as he has hosted various podcasts. Vince is an on the fly DM, and likes to just jot down ideas and roll with whatever comes his way, and most people really enjoy the chaos of what he calls adventures. 5e has really opened a lot of doors and helped the creative juices start flowing again for Vince when he discovered how awesome 5e became as he partook in the NEXT play tests. Vince’s golden rule for gaming and will state it many times, that “Story trumps rules” and “Make a ruling” to advance the story at hand, rather than wasting time looking up a rule and debating during downtime instead during a game. Vince has been playing D&D since the ’80s, where he fell in love with AD&D 1e, and nothing has come close to replacing that edition, until now. Vince loves what 5e brings to the table, and often uses “paranoia” to fuel his adventures, which keeps the butts in the seats at the gaming table.
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Melanie – Co-Host, Media Relations
Melanie is the new kid on the block, the newer DM, but has come out of the gate like a bat out of hell, showing that anyone can be a good DM, and that experience is not always what makes a good DM. She believes in planning and prepping for all situations, and you can never have too much information written out before a game, which is a major contrast compared to her cohost Vince. She’s also the more tech-focused of the hosts, with a portfolio of tools that can help DM’s of all experience levels, and she’s always up for trying something new in game. After all, old doesn’t always mean better.
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Sal – Co-Host
Sal is originally from Queens, NY and then becoming a Jersey fella all before becoming a proud PA resident. Sal was an alpha nerd from back in the day when he was on the road with various professional wrasslin’ promotions including Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he lead the F.B.I. (Full Blooded Italians) to Tag Team gold as Sal E. Graziano. He’s also done movies, tv shows and commercials as well as the voice and operator of PIGAMORTIS WREX a cohost for “Late Night at the Horror Hotel” webcast and local cable show. A Self admitted Star Wars nerd and true dork of all things Sci-fi, horror and fantasy, since he was a wee lad of 11 playing Red Box AD&D with friends and of course curiosity lead him to Gamma World and Marvel Superheroes. After traveling the roads of RIFTS, d6 Star Wars, TMNT, ROBOTECH, Warhammer Fantasy, 40k, ALL editions of D&D. He has now found his love in and settled into D&D 5e, like putting on a nice comfy pair of slippers on a Sunday afternoon
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Kat – Co-Host
Kat weirdly having been steeped in RPG’s for many years and having dabbled one or twice with different RPG systems did not get into D&D itself until early 2016. It was at that point she turned her hand to being a DM and stepped up to playing D&D regularly. Having found her preferred system in 5e she was off to a flying start with her style of last minute and making it up, or what she calls D&D on the fly. Having a history with acting and improv when she was younger the spur of the moment plan just enough styling of being a DM seems to works for her and she likes to prepare just enough to know the hook of the story but as little as possible to give the players the freedom to not follow the story. The sort of sit back and let’s see what they come up with and blag as much as possible approach. Since then she hasn’t looked back and has thrown herself into a world of D&D and RPG as much as possible. Finally Kat is the only cast member to hail from out of the States being born and bred in the UK.
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